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Common Questions
  1. Why do I need an Architectural designer?
    Short answer - customization. Long answer - some of the common house plan websites will allow you to purchase house plans, but unfortunately, most of those don't meet the BC Building Code requirements. Our designers will walk you through the floor plan and cater it to your needs. The purchase of a house, unless you are someone like Bill Gates, it's typically one of the most expensive and time consuming investments you'll ever make, so it needs to meet your needs. Our designers will also look through and design the house to meet current building codes.
  2. What's included with your service?
    Short answer - it varies depending on the project. Long answer - We offer different services. Basic packages will give you a floor plan, foundation layout, site plan, exterior elevations, roof layout, and 2 or 3 section drawings with details/notes. If you are needing a more in-depth package, we offer those as well. Visit our services page to learn more about what's included in our different packages.
  3. How long does it generally take?
    Short answer - it all depends on how much work we currently have. Long answer - because we are a design firm, we go through periods of insane amounts of work to periods of twiddling our thumbs and heading out to the beach or slopes. If you are looking for preliminary floor plans, that generally doesn't take to long, 2-3 days, preliminary elevations might take another 2-3 days, and then constructions drawings typically take about 4-5 days to complete.
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